Self spotting by SMS - format

Can someone quickly refresh my memory of the format for a SMS spot? I tried it from Bishop Wilton Wold last week but couldnt remember the format! I’ll set a template up on my phone


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Everything you need is here -

73 de Les, G3VQO

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Thanks Les, you beat me to it.

Martin if you have a phone running Symbian S60 3rd edition or higher you can have a copy of the program that makes entering spots trivial.

Here is your log entry:

Thu Jun 16 11:32:16 2011: +CMGL: 1,“REC UNREAD”,"+44xxxxxxxxx","",“11/06/16,11:
31:30+04”,G7mrv g/tw-004 145.5
Thu Jun 16 11:32:16 2011: Bad format: only 3 fields in message

Turn around time from you hitting send on your phone to me processing the spot was 46 seconds. FYI you can use ! for your call and you need to split the reference into its country and summit parts. You don’t need the -, I’ll insert that if it’s not there.

i.e. ! g tw004 145.5


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Many thanks fellas

I can see what i did wrong now! I’ll set a template up for next time. I dont use a smartphone, just an old thing im afraid.


Martin G7MRV

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being relatively new to SOTA can anyone tell me how do you register for the gateway for sending an SMS spot?



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Contact Andy MM0FMF.And he will sort you out ATB Geoff G6MZX

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…and how do you contact Andy?

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Leave a message on here with your email address and ask him to contact you.It would not be fair for me to publish it.Thanks Geoff

…and how do you contact Andy?

You take a look at

which contains a brief Bio and contact info for all the SOTA management team

Colin G8TMV

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Thanks for the information. But I don’t found where I have to register bevor using the gateway?

Best 73 de Laurent, F8CZI

Andy MM0FMF’s email address is on the GM (Scotland) ARM.

Jimmy M3EYP