Self-spot to cluster

Dear all,
Now, SOTAwatch spot data copy to DX-Cluster whether or not the self-spot from 4th May.
I think self-spot do not copy before.
Is it already topic?
Please let me know,
Takeshi JS1UEH

As far as I understand there is NO automatic link betweem SOTAWatch and DX-Clusters - they are two separate systems.


NO automatic, Yes I hope it so.
I searched my call-sign on the DX-cluster,
before 4th May, no found self-spot
after 4th May, found my self-spot to SOTAwatch
Change something?
By someone wrote in DX-cluster
’no self-spot in there’
I’m not going wrote in there :confused:

Understood Takeshi’s point.
My spot to SOTAwatch on yesterday has been linked to famous DX Cluster as like direct self spot on DX Cluster. Self spot in DX cluster is out of rule and I wonder who and where the linkage has been made. This linkage start around 4 May.

Please someone stop the linkage between self spot in SOTA watch2 to DX cluster. Otherwise SOTA group reputation may go down.


Ah yes, this spot on SOTAwatch

Fri 01:30 	JH0CJH/1 on JA/YN-060 - (Posted by JH0CJH) 	18.080 cw

appears 1 minute later and is apparently posted by you

18080.0  JH0CJH/1    06-May-2016 0131Z  SOTA JA/YN-060            <JH0CJH>

It’s nothing to do with the SOTA MT Toru, I don’t know who is doing it but it’s not good to use your call for the DXcluster spot if you didn’t post it yourself.

Hi Andy
OK understood it is not SOTA MT work. But somewhere this has been done and it may affect whole SOTA group activities. I’m very worry on this point.



My bad.
I’ve a site in VK that gathers feeds from SOTA watch and DXcluster network.

My code was forwarding the spots. I filter the spots looking for VK and WWFF opportunities with a lot of recent work on WWFF spots. Made changes during week that were incorrect.

Apologies as no desire to bring bad light on the SOTA community.


Hi Allen,
I see it.:scream:
Next time on summit, I should confirm.:relaxed:

Hi Allen
Thank you for correction of your system. On my yesterday expedition, I did the posting on SOTAwatch2 and now it does not feed to DX Cluster. Thanks again.


Hi Turu,

Thanks for understanding. I’ve been processing the data for a while now and very aware of the requirement not to feed into DXCluster system. Unfornatually changes made during the week ‘leaked’ data.