Selective deafness

I have not been around too much today but I heard a couple things today which is depressing.
A M3 hijacking a M6 contact.
What is worse is that chasers did not give space for a S2S attempt. I do not know why these things happen.
Almost equals people calling and calling and then cannot hear the response for various reasons.

Hi Mike, re-arrange these words into a well known phrase:

Horse a flogging dead


Victor GI4ONL

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Hi Victor, yes you are right :wink:
Now off to see why a gutter is overflowing with the heavy duty rain right now. 8-(

It’s the egoism.
Not only those two things you mentionned but so many other terrible ones going on in these days around us. Everywhere. All is because of the human being egoism.
So sad…

73 de Guru

Yes sad indeed Guru.

Out of interest I just checked the log of for the 9th March ref:

It seems that the hijack attempt failed as Paul has logged and is not logged - the has logged it though in their chaser log ! :wink:

Best wishes.


How about someone talking to me :rage:
instead of banging on the reflector.

Hijacking NO not in may nature. under difficult conditions we all call in and sometimes we call over top of each other it happens now and again I can hear the said gent and sometimes i can’t the being pair of us being low powered stations and amount of noise levels we all endur.

So next time PLEASE talk to me

The contact is being removed from me log 9th march as i thought i did make contact again under damn hard noisy conditions. And now been informed did not make the contact so its being removed.



I did not put your call (edit) in until a few minutes ago. I did so because I sent you a PM via the reflector today and also direct emails which you ignored. I also said to you on air earlier this afternoon drawing attention to this thread.


This thread is completely unacceptable.