Seeking NA Chasers - 26 Nov 16

Hello North America

I plan to activate Mt Taylor VK1/AC-037 (VKFF-0854) Sunday morning local time 06:30 am (19:30 UTC) for about 2 to 3 hours. The purpose of this activation is to test the propagation path between VK and NA on 10, 12, 15 and 18m. This is a precursor to a later attempt at a S2S with NA activators.

My station set up is a Yaesu FT857D @ 40 to 60 watts, mode SSB. Antennas: Inverted V linked dipole and mono band 1/2 wave wire vertical J-Poles. I will pause for 5 min or so to change the mono band antennas.

I would appreciate the assistance of NA chasers in monitoring each of the four bands. If you have time Saturday morning/afternoon, can you please listen for me? If you hear me please respond and or post a spot.

Thanks in advance.

73, Andrew VK1AD


I’ll give a listen for you. Conditions on 15 actually look favorable. Good luck!

Bruce - WB8OGK

Just pointing out for those who hadn’t realised - that’s 19:30 UTC SATURDAY. By the way if you can be bothered to carry an antenna and gear for 40m - contacts into Europe may also be possible around this time, Andrew.

73 Ed.

I’ll also give a listen for you. Will you be able to self-spot so we know where to listen? I agree with Bruce that 15M should be targeted in particular.

73, Barry N1EU

Hi Ed, the latest I’ve ever worked VK from a summit was John VK6NU, from GW/NW-076
Mynydd y Cwm at 1630z back in March 2014, working the 20m band, when conditions were much better than today.

As you suggest, there’s a chance for the EU Chasers, albiet, very slim.

73 Mike


That’s a little early for the west Coast of the USA but I may be on a summit then, so I will look ur way. That time slot may be better for the East coast.

Typically in Arizona we hear/work VK/JA later after 2200 or so…however I did work a ZL last Saturday at 1744 so you never know!


Hi Mike - I took a look at the “predictions” in the AR mags over here - remember I’m talking about 40m - no chance on 20m and above at that time.

73 Ed.

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Hi all

I can self spot. I will take your advice and start on 15m usng a 1/2 wave vertical J-Pole.

Thanks for your interest.

73 Andrew VK1AD

I have worked ZL1BYZ about a half dozen times over the last month, with me activating in W7O. These were all on 20m cw, between 1832 and 1925z. I’m usually at 10w to an EFHW. It is possible that a VK at 40w SSB could get through.

Andrew, be sure to use ample mic gain and speech processing (and perhaps HPF DSP Mic EQ) to give your signal every chance of punching through.

Agree Barry, I use a MH-598AJ DTMF microphone. My FT-857D rig settings are configured for max punch on SSB.

Just a clarification for the readers. I have two telescopic poles, one supporting a homebrew linked HF dipole and the 2nd as a support for a mono band J-Pole. I will be switching between the Inverted V and J-Pole antenna. My stock of homebrew J-Pole antennas includes 10, 12, 15, 17 and 20m versions. The J-Pole change over time is about 5 minutes, a little longer for the 20m version.

Cheers, Andrew VK1AD


I’m interested in participating in your “experiment” this coming Saturday (which is part of the Thanksgiving extended holiday in USA).

I’ll either try something from a peak (same one I used for the EU-NA S2S soiree this last weekend) that has line of sight to Pacific or in a mountain range a little further east.


Phil et al

ZL1BYZ has worked a few of us recently in the US on SSB including myself last week from a local peak with me using 10w, SSB and a Buddipole in a vertical configuration.

Magic happens.


Hi Paul

The potential for a NA S2S is exciting enough, actually making a S2S QSO with a NA activator has been a 3 year dream. Lets hope for good band conditions. On which band did you work John ZL1BYZ?

Andrew VK1AD

I don’t think an east coast US - VK s2s contact would even be remotely possible unless it was CW.

73, Barry N1EU

Or PSK31 ?


The contact with ZL1BYZ was on 20m at 18:49UTC.



14 Mar 2014 I was operating from VK2/SC -049. We made a successful QSO at 22:07 UTC on 10m SSB. Signal reports were 5-8 and 5-6.

Had you been on a summit, a S2S would have been possible.

73, Andrew VK1AD

Yes, although at that time of the year I need to get off the summit a few hours earlier. Drive-up summits aren’t really an option here. I think another viable option is 20M long path before your sunset. But for both possibilities, sunspots really help.

73, Barry N1EU

According to sotawatch VK7/K1JD was 329 into south Texas this morning on 15m at 2240 UTC. CW of course.

AD5A, like John ZL1BYZ, has a station/antenna that slightly exceeds anything an activator will put up though :laughing:

Andrew VK3JBL