Secret Santa

We’re doing a family Secret Santa / Kris Kringle / whatever you call it this year and the price limit is €50. I’m looking for SOTA related suggestions. I think I have everything I need, but €50 is tight for anything radio related. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Mountain equipment, hiking clothing etc.

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So you are looking for radio / SOTA related presents under €50?
How about a NanoVNA - Nanovna 50 KHz-900 MHz Netzwerk-Antennenanalysator VNA HF VHF UHF UV-Gerät | eBay
OK. it’s €1.21 over but pretty close to the price limit! (shipping is free).

This dual purpose selfie stick / solid tripod might be another option at just €17 (this one is plus shipping costs though). Great if you are activating alone and want to record the activation.

Then perhaps an action cam to do the recording instead of using the phone where you are looking for spots… There are options from €30 and up, all seem to come with many mounts. Here’s one on Amazon at €49.99 including shipping

Have fun! 73 Ed DD5LP.

  • velcro straps

  • LiPo battery charger

  • Sigg lunch box for the radio

      73 de OE6FEG

Sorry Ed but a 50 € Action cam is a waste of money and resources. Every Smartphone does have a better quality.
So if someone wants to go in video making make it a voucher to buy something like a Gopro or Osmo Action.
My 2 cents.

Replace your batteries with LiFePO4 batteries. Done this last year and would not go back!

For example (about 200g):


All great ideas so far! A few other suggestions:

  • Lightweight dry bag to hold the water sensitive gear – always a comfort during rainstorms or water crossings
  • Everyone needs the occasional new pair of hiking socks – or two, right?
  • A gift certificate to replace all the stuff in the first aid kit that expired three years ago and has never been replaced
  • A nice insulated sitting pad
  • Gore-tex rain hat – yes, you can pull up the parka hood, but unless the weather is quite cold it is pleasant to have fresh air about the head

Scott WB8ICQ

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Decathlon do a LED head torch for £13.99 in the UK which is a bargain.Red, eco white and bright white. 4hrs life on bright and about 15hrs on eco. I’m very pleased with mine.

A tarp. I can’t believe I managed to do SOTA without one so that’s the best investment for me. I have a DD Hammocks Superlight Tarp S which is over your limit but you can get the normal Tarp S for €49.

Does your secret santa allow you to choose what you are getting?

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But A. it’s a lot cheaper (especially mine from M-Markt at €29!) than a fully bought Smartphone and B, I’m using my smartphone for other things while operating. A resolution of 4K seems to be the minimum resolution of these “cheap GoPro copies”.
73 Ed.