Second hand ham gear in Europe

Hi, I hope it still fits in the SOTA forum at Offtopic category.

Does anybody know any European website (other than Ebay) offering second hand ham gear for sale?
I am looking for LNR MTR3b transceiver and I do not see other places with offers - just, where usually US hams offer the gear - I would like to avoid cost of shipment and taxes, by buying in Europe.

Thank you in advance for any hints.

Checkout the FleaMarket at G3CWI as qrz .com .
Cheers Ken G0FEX

Thanks, Ken. I just checked and I cannot spot MTR3b at the moment, but will keep watching.

Try looking at HARO in Germany, they advertise that they take in rigs Part-exchange for new rigs, so they get a steady flow of S/H rigs coming through.

73 Ed.

Dear Konrad, You may want to check under QRP. No MTR3b though.

73, Hans PB2T

Ed/Hans - thanks, I will be looking at those from time to time.

Hans - by the way, thanks for your patience when chasing me at the beginning of my CW practice. :slight_smile:

Romania has its own flea market website, but it is in our language. Take a look here:
Exchange rate 1 eur = 4.6 lei. You can use the search window, called “Cautare”
No MTR3b in this moment.

In France a good idea is to look here:
Select “Toute la France”
Good luck!

Hi Konrad,
If you are struggling to find a second hand MTR you can buy from new within Europe at Kanga UK for 190 pounds roughly 210 euros.



Konrad, in the Netherlands we have the dutch site Look under “zendapparatuur” Quit a lot of hamgear…Rienus, PA0RBA

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Sorry; under “zendamateur”…

Thank you all. I went for Kanga choice in absence of second hand MTR3b in the places I visited.


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I am pretty sure there are a few Facebook pages that specialize in QRP and some EU equipment. HAM RADIO 2.0 is one example.

Kent K9EZ