Seasons greetings 2011!

Just taking a few minutes from the Xmas preparations to wish a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to:

All Activators,
All Chasers,
All SWLs,
All those who love the hills,
All those who enjoy sifting through the static,
All those who post activations thus letting the activation prosper,
All those sharpening and polishing their ice-axes and crampons,
All those tapping the barometer and cursing,
All those happy souls who don’t mind the rain running down the back of their necks,
All those working for hours on end to prepare new Associations,
All those waiting eagerly for new Associations,
All those who make the Reflector and the various Yahoo Groups such pleasant places,
All those wives/husbands/partners who accompany us on the hill although they have no interest in radio,
In short, all those in the Brotherhood of hill and radio.

Even those who deliver 5-minute overs to freezing wind-swept activators up to their nethers in wet snow or peaty water,

Even those who deliberately place carriers and funny noises on top of activations, in the hope that they will see the error of their evil ways!

Finally a special wish for the SOTA widows and widowers who keep warm by the fire whilst their loved ones gallivant on the hills!


Brian G8ADD

Reposted with an important addition!

Merry Christmas to Pauline and yourself. And everyone else in SOTAland.

Tom M(I)1EYP