Searching Activators and Chasers

I had an interesting conversation with a fellow operator, and yet, I think he was having me on about his participation in SOTA.
Is there a way to search Call signs in the Database to see what ascents an operator has accomplished?

Open the relevant table - Activator or Chaser for the correct Country/Association (or , for example All-G)
With Firefox
Open the Menu - upper right corner
Find in This Page - opens a dialogue at the foot of the page
Type the callsign
Click Highlight all (or some other search version)
Observe the highlight or the Not Found message

No doubt something similar in other browsers.
Hope this helps.

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As some activators live in one association and log in another, I wish there was a way to enter a call sign and find their association. Sometimes you have to guess. Maybe there is a way that I do not know about?


Searching the full Activator or Chaser list for a specific callsign:

In the SOTA DB
View Results >> (Activators | Chasers) Role of Honour
Filter: -All Associations- (top of the Associations List)
Click: Show!
Then use the “Find” option in your browser to search for the callsign that you are interested in.
Click: View (for that callsign)

You will get additional details if you are logged into the SOTA DB before following the above steps.

73, Bruce W2SE


I had several times wanted to know how to do that but never asked the question openly here. I was missing a Find button on the SOTA site without realising that I could have always used the find feature in my browser.
I’ll give a go to your proposed method.
Thanks for posting it here.


I do it like this:

Log In

Open Activator Roll of Honour (or chaser Roll of Honour)

Select Filter Association

Press Strg - f

Enter call sign or fragment of it


Press Strg - f or Ctrl f for Windows PC


Hate replying on a dead thread, but found this in my searching. I subsequently discovered the following “hack” Simply enter the url for the chaser/activator:[call-sign-here]
Leaving here for anyone interested.

Maybe there’s a a better way no?

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Method not hack. :wink: