Scottish munro's

if anyone interested on bbc4 now is scottish munro’s

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Hi Steve,

A super programme, - thoroughly enjoyed it, although
the sight of Nick Crane scaling the ‘In Pin’ made me
feel somewhat queasy as I have no head for heights!

Kind regards

Dave G0ELJ

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Hi Dave, i also thought what a man, you wont get me climbing up that Pinnacle, but for those who have not seen the Inaccessible Pinnacle, click on the links below


Steve m0sgb

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The program can be seen online at BBC Four - Munro: Mountain Man
I forgot it was on good job its online.


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Apropos nothing much (except perhaps an approach to NW-001), I enjoyed this video:

I suspect one has to have been there to fully appreciate it.



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This is a good way to earn 20 points. Unfortunatley last time I did it was pre SOTA. I must make the effort once more.