Scottish Island activations?

Five members of my club - MDRS - are off on an expedition to Jura at the end of April. I don’t know exactly what their operating plans are yet, but I note with interest that the special website they have set up - - does list the several WAB references and SOTA references available on the island. So it might be worth keeping an ear out from 26 April to 3 May, especially considering that 5 of the 8 SOTA summits on the island have never been activated. I’ll try to cajole Ray M1REK - the most likely of the group to do some activating - to put some tentative SOTAwatch Alerts on, or at least to set his phone up for SPOTlite!

Wish I could go. But Marianne has granted me enough pass-outs for 2008 already, I daren’t ask for anymore. Plus, it’s term-time. Obviously, my job doesn’t give me enough holidays over the course of a year.


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I know of at least one juciy SI expedition for 2008. I can’t reveal details yet but the group is SOTA aware and SOTA prepared. Should their DXpedition go ahead there will be SOTA activations on 40/60m and 2m as well as their other activities. I’ll post on here once details are confirmed.


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…especially considering that 5 of the 8 SOTA summits on the island have never been activated.

Unfortunately that is not quite true. On 26 May, 2007, SI-013, SI-018, SI-022, SI-045 were activated simultaneously by me, Jack COX, Allan BJP, and Ann UXX. I activated SI-053 the day before and SI-149 the day after while Jack & Ann activated SI-148. One of these days Jack will catch up with his database entries, but the team may be able to be credited with first activation till he does :wink: . However there are 12 SOTA summits on the island not 8 so that still leaves SI-065, SI-075, SI-080, SI-094, SI-127, but most of these are much more difficult to get to than the others. Warn anyone not to attempt to descend northward from SI-018 as its known for its sheer drops.

There were no mobile phone masts on Jura as of last year. Patchy mobile phone contact can be made from Craighouse, or on the surrounding hill tops, essentially linking into mainland masts across the sea.

I expect to be back there May bank holiday with the others, unless there is a change of circumstances.
73 jim g0cqk or gm0cqk in May

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The Cambridge group are heading for the Island of Mull 26 April - 3rd May, their website mentions IOTA, WAB and SOTA.

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Hi all as a recent entrant to the SOTA Program (looking for 3pts for the 100 Chaser Award) and a member of the Cambridgeshire Repeater Group going to Mull this April, it will be interesting to see what activity there is, having 2 Islands, and a number of Sota,WAB’s on at the same time?
Look fwd to topping up the Chaser points and who knows maybe an activation too?
There will be certainly some of the Group doing 2m Sota.
Regards Daryl.

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Good luck Daryl… so is any HF SOTA likely?

40M would work well from there for me down here :slight_smile:

73 Marc G0AZS

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Hi Marc. At the moment i’m not set up antenna wise fer HF Sota. A couple of the lads have portable equipment, and i’ve not activated b4 as only started chasing this month as someone at our Pie+Pint meeting mentioned that there was quite a bit of activity on CW,which is my prefered mode.Will have a word with my local Sota Activator Martyn M1MAJ and see wot he thinks my be best to take with us?
Will keep you posted.
73 Daryl.

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Thanks Daryl… With 40M CW, you’re guaranteed a pile up!
Suggest you get a bit of practice on “Morserunner” :slight_smile:
73 Marc G0AZS