Scotland visit 2021 GM/SS-111

Hi all
My daughter as just told me she is getting married next year ( happy times ) she said it’s booked for a place called The Lodge on Loch Goil. I went straight to SOTA watch and saw the closest summit is GM/SS-111, a 2 pointer with only 3 activations. Why not lol, any pointers from locals? Andy?
We would travel up August 8th 2021, the wedding is the 10th so Monday 9th is a free day as far as I am concerned.


It’s in the middle of nowhere. For most of us in GM we have to drive North before we can then drive South. It’s 606m and you start at sea level. And I think Miseag means rough.

So remote and rough and a good climb and just 2 points. The people who have done it have well above average fitness too. Does that explain why it’s not done regularly? :slight_smile:

I looked at that one last time I holidayed in Scotland, but the approach is through steep, rough natural woodland with no paths. From the road it looks too much like hard work though the views would be rewarding. There are higher summits not so far away that would be easier.

There are a couple (4) of reports on Walk Highlands that might be worth a read if you haven’t already seen them Paul.

The last report listed looks the best route IMHO. Good pictures showing the “easy” ground. :wink:

Beinn Donich GM/SS-027 looks like it may be easier. It has a well document path and there is Simon G4TJC’s blog route to go by as well.