Scotland Trip cancelled, Now going to FL/NO

Hi All our planned trip to Scotland next week is cancelled due to weather etc so we decided to go back to Europe, well France to be precise FL/NO area to visit a few of the WW2 sites. During the visit I plan to activate a few of the local 1 pointers.

I hope to speak to a few of you during the week. My first 2 or 3 summits will be Friday 13th (oh no not the 13th). I hope everything goes well.



I will be listening for you my friend. Best Wishes to You Both. 73. de Paul M0CQE.

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I saw various reports about weather-induced landslips blocking the A83. Hope the weather in FL/VO is more welcoming. :wink:


Don’t blame you. Picture of the Oban road posted by Oban MRT:


Yikes! Not just the A83 then… :frowning:


Just a few notes

FL/NO-141 is a drive to but access to the very top is fenced off. You are well in the AZ at the end of the road.
FL/NO-131 is a drive to.
FL/NO-137 I activated from the road side within the AZ, the summit was in a field with standing crop.

73 de

Andrew F/G4VFL/P


Was there any impact along the A9/A82/A87? I am going to be headed up to Skye at the end of the month. Hopefully this weather will not have impacted road conditions from EDI…

EDIT: Just found this website

Looks like there is a lot of up-to-date there…

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You can get real time traffic info here:

There don’t appear to be any closures on that route at present just advisories about surface water. The issues are at the A83 where normally landslides happen at the Rest and Be Thankful but it’s 8km West of there near Cairndow. There’s also a slip on the A85 which has closed that road, much less common and along with flooding means access to Oban is not possible.

All these things are going to be changing as floodwaters usually subside in a day or two. If there’s not damage to road surfaces/footings then traffic gets back to normal quickly. The Rest And Be Thankful has had so many landslips that the roads people are quite good at making routes available. Typically and old single track road is used with traffic lights. May take time to get through but it can save 100+ mile detours.