Scores not picking up changes to database

I’ve had a few reports that some changes to the summits in various regions has affected existing scores. Specifically this has happened in ON and OE associations. The problem arises when a summit was found to be invalid and was deleted then further examinations showed it was a valid summit all along. This could result in the summit being valid 1-Jun-2010 to 31-May-2011 and then 1-Mar-2015 onwards.

The database software was written to allow for summits to have many periods of validity and when scoring it should accept an activation or chaser if the summit was valid on that date. If a summit has 2 periods of validity then the database will allow you to enter activations/chases for either period of validity. This normally works and there are plenty of summits where this happens. However, at some point the “pixies of failure” have got at the data and old periods of validity have disappeared. This is certainly the case for ON/ON-009 which only shows a single validity period when there should be two periods.

FIrst the good news… the MT (or me mainly) are aware there is a problem and we (or me) are working on fixing this. The bad news is I don’t know why it happens. I need to find out where the bug is and then fix it so it doesn’t get worse. Then I need to figure out a way of reconstructing the missing data. It may be the data is still in the database and we lost the links between points and summits or it needs to be reloaded. I do have a hundred GB or so of database backups so it should be possible to mine these old database backups to extract the summits and points data of old.

Sorry, but I cannot give an expected ETA for when the fix will be available at present.

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… ETA understood as ETF, ok? :wink:

I continue to marvel at the complexity of the database and scoring system (when at a superficial level it looks relatively simple). Keep up the good (unpaid, volunteer) work!



A Belgian beer for you when you got it fixed Andy!

I noticed that if i’m “LOGOFF” and "LOGIN "after every entry i’m adding , all is ok…
Finally , I got over the 1000 points by now…
good chase and hope the bug will be fixed soon
Eyran 4X4-2238.