Scafell Next Week

Sorry to start a new thread, but as my information is at present a bit vague I thought an alert would be just as bad!

I’m staying near St Bees, just outside Whitehaven next week. If the weather is ok, I’m planning to walk up Scafell Pike, LD-001, one day during the week (6th April to 10th April).

I’m afraid the only gear I’ll be taking, radiowise, is a 2m/70cm handheld. Trying to fit in radio, fishing and family stuff all in a week! SOTA/WOTA is low priority!

73, Colin

I hope the weather behaves for you Colin. What route are you doing on LD-001? I think my favourite so far is the corridor route. Will that walk combine with any WOTAs?

Enjoy the holiday.


In reply to M1EYP:

Haven’t even looked at the maps yet, Tom! I did Scafell Pike about 5 years ago, and that was my first time. I walked up from Wasdale Head in thick fog, it was quite ‘exciting’ if that’s the right word!

I just thought that whilst I’m over the west side of the Lakes, I might as well do Scafell, as it seems quite a trek in the car from home to Wasdale Head! With regards to WOTA, I just meant that Scafell Pike is a WOTA summit, although I would be open to doing more WOTA’s if time allowed and were close-by.

Regards, Colin