SB006 Shilhope law

Hi all just thought I would let any prospective activators who plan to do Shilhope Law summit (sb006) in the very near future know that the route via barrow burn is much harder to do than normal because the bracken being at least 4ft tall in some places and you cannot see under foot as to where you are stepping.
Cheers Keith M1VHT

Hi Keith,

That must be why I found Shillhope Law G/SB-006 very tiring on the walk up to the summit from Barrow Burn and on the walk down from the summit to Barrow Burn.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M3EYP:
Hi Jimmy,yep i guess so, i couldn’t see my dog for most of the way up until we got to the gate where you turn right onto the quad bike track and up to the summit.
Still it was nice to activate it today as i haven’t done this summit for a while
off to Tosson Hill tomorrow
regards Keith M1VHT