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SB-008 & SB-009 2m SSB & FM


In reply to G1ZJQ:

Great report Derek. Sounds like things are coming together and you are now getting good results. I was interested in your comments on people on non-sota hills. Inevitably, they will never be of as much interest to the chasers as those doing SOTA so they may not feel the benefits of the upsurge in activity. Curiously not all the best VHF sites are actually on top of SOTA hills. My local “super-site” falls into that category.

I also enjoy 2m SSB (occasionally) and I look forward to our first contact.




In reply to G1ZJQ:

Hi Derek,

Cracking report! Glad you enjoyed the activations and made some decent long distant QSOs - reward for the effort of dragging the 4.2AH SLAB up the hills. You’ll have to borrow my 12AH SLAB (or use a couple of real bricks) to train with, then the 4.2AH unit won’t feel heavy!

I was pleased to see you spotted on SOTAwatch - well done. Are you ready for Housedon Hill now?

73, Gerald G4OIG

P.S. I will have the 150 watt linear and 12AH SLAB with me next week… in case I decide to do something “over the border” in the shadow of Northumbria. Just a thought gaining ground in my mind…


In reply to G4OIG:
Fingers crossed Gerald.


In reply to G4JZF:

I don’t do crossed fingers or believe in luck, just circumstances. I think you know where I stand!

QRO maximises opportunities, but is no guarantee that what is planned will actually be achieved… try going mobile on 2m in Norfolk / Suffolk - the ground over there sucks the RF out of the ether! It could be the same up north of the border.

73, Gerald, G4OIG


In reply to G1ZJQ:

Hi Derek,

Housedon - yes, not easy to qualify on 2m - I used the Edinburgh crew to achieve it. Ally 2M0PMR was a great help on FM. I think SOTA is increasing in popularity in GM, so you might choose a day when some SS summits are being activated.

I used to have an FT7 years ago. It might be worth a try sometime if you pack it in bubble wrap or a towel. I know where you are with the cost issue - can recommend the 817 though. Great little rig! Glad I did a p/ex + Christmas present deal with the XYL (with funds from elderly parents included).

Hopefully catch you in the week before you get your sea legs.

73, Gerald G4OIG