SB-006 Shillhope Law. No SSB - FM saves the day ag

In reply to G1ZJQ:

Hi Derek,

Don’t give up on 2m SSB from the SB’s. I found the mode most useful and made some decent QSOs last Easter from Shillhope Law. Nice summit as well.

Looks like I’ll have to operate 2m FM as well as SSB when I come up next month if you are rallying the troups. Hopefully will be deploying 5MHz as well for those less well sited, though qualification of the summit on 2m will be priority. No doubt speak to you again during that week.

73, Gerald G4OIG

In reply to G1ZJQ:

Sorry Derek, I had not noticed you were going to use SSB as well otherwise I would have listened for you. There again timing can play an important part when you are chasing other summits. So please do not give up on SSB, Don G0NES
and myself are usually listening. When we see Clive M1YAM spotted on FM we are usually waiting for him to come to SSB
I did listen for you on FM but heared nothing.

73 Graham