From Saturday, 14.2.2015 to Friday, 20.2.2015 I walked 75 km through the snow-covered Sauerland and activated 7 summits. You can read a report of my march and see a few photos on DK2MT | Amateurfunk
Thank you for 167 QSOs.
Volker, DK2MT


Hello Volker you did a good job with such a long trek carrying that pack.
I can not read your language but I did enjoy the pictures of where you went.
Great effort SOTA fever affects and inspires us in many ways.
73 de Ian …

Congrats Volker

Hello Ian,
I added allways a translation. Above the pictures is text in german, below the pictures is text in english. I hope I made not too many mistakes.
73 Volker, DK2MT

Hello Volker,

thanks for the nice report!

Could you briefly describe the equipment which you used.
Actually, I am more interested in how you reduced the total weigth, e.g. did you carry a battery charger all the 7 days? What kind of antenna did you use - endfired / no extra coax cable?


Hello Lars,
my equipment: in a PELI-case 1200: KX3 with internal tuner, Palm-single-paddle, light-weight-sports-earphones, 2.6Ah LiFePo-accu. In old ice-cream boxes: power supply from an old laptop with Revolectrix Cellpro Multi4 charger, antenna 2 x 10m DX-wire-UL used as inverted-V fed through twisted DX-wire-UL or used as vertical with 1 radial fed through 2m RG58U, Antenna and feeder on reels made of old CDs . DX-wire-mini 10m mast
Weight of radio equipment: 5.3kg, total weight about 20kg (including 2kg snow shoes, I needed temporarily in deep snow). Pictures and more info at DK2MT | Amateurfunk

Volker, DK2MT

Hello Volker, a great job and I bow before your performance.
best 73 David OK4KOP

Hello Volker,

great and thanks for the explanation!
I thought you cheated the law of gravitation somewhere, but you really carried 20kg.
“Hut ab”

Lars, DL8WJM