Now calling it chaos Sota day.

Gets very busy of late I have noticed, even when talking to YO8SEP/p trying to exchange reports was nearly made impossible by ONE Italian station continued call call call.

Hands away from the Key AND please listen more.


Have you reported this including the call sign to Brian G8ADD?

Just wait until EA6 comes on later today!

Weekends are busy, such is the popularity of this branch of the hobby. As Jim says says you should record the callsign of the blind calling offender with no ears if he is continually doing this (we all make the occasional error) and notify Brian G8ADD by e-mail who will take appropriate action, especially if several operators point out the same offender. If you activate yourself then the other way to deal with the worst cases is to put them on a blacklist and not work them! You soon get to know who they are when you are at the coalface yourself!

73 Phil

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No I have not.
Was more concertrating of trying to exchange the reports than take down the stations call.

Yet like said Saturdays is certainly getting very very busy.


Really they on today, oh boy this is going to be fun :slight_smile:


Andreas EA6/DG7MGN will be active on SSB whilst Martin EA6/DF3MC will be on CW.

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Good luck to you trying to hear him on SSB through the French Contest. (Unless he chooses to try the WARC bands).

You should be in with a chance on CW.

Walt (G3NYY)

There is a CW contest too… and QRP QRGs busy :-/

Just worked him very easily on 30m on my very first call.
He is working fine at a regular pace right now and, at least from my side, the pile-up doesn’t seem to be huge at all.
Thanks Martin and have fun!


Yes Guru, Martin is doing a good job. Good signals into UK on 17m, 20m and 30m today. I’m glad he has gone to EA6/MA-053 Puig de son Segui as I missed chasing that summit when Franz OE4FSM was there last month. I will be going there myself in April for the SOTA Complete…

2015 will be the year of SOTA Mallorca - the place is going to be overrun with SOTA Activators on their holidays!

73 Phil

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