Saturday & Sunday: Planned Activation of Piz Blaisun and Piz Kesch (2 x 10 Pte.)

Dear all:

The coming weekend, I am planning to activate

Saturday: HB/GR-053, Piz Blaisun - 3200m, 10 Points

Sunday: HB/GR-012, Piz Kesch/ Piz d’Es-cha - 3418m, 10 Points

Piz Blaisun has quite some activations (18, a lot of them by @HB9HAT), but none in CW so far.

Piz Kesch has been activated twice eight years ago (on September 12, 2010 as a double activation by @HB9TNF and @HB9HAT), but so far never on HF and never using CW, so it is likely a new unique for many chasers.

My callsign will be HB9/DK3IT/P.

I will put up alerts with details tomorrow (Friday). As usual

  • the activations will be CW-only
  • please QRS 12 wpm
  • please send your call only once, and repeat it twice when I ask for a particular incomplete callsign
  • please spot me.

Thanks for your support!

73 de Martin, DK3IT

PS: Here is a nice picture of Piz Kesch; the main summit is the right one, which seems a bit lower but is actually the highest in the region, with a prominence of 1503m.


Here are more details:
Expected QRV time for Piz Blaisun on Saturday: ca. 10:30 UTC

Expected QRV time for Piz Kesch: 7:30 on Sunday.

The weather for Sunday is not very stable, we might decide to skip the hut breakfast at 6 am and leave 1-2 hours early in order to catch the better part of the predicted weather, so it will make sense to watch out for my CQ early.

Frequency and mode: 7.031+/- or if QRM 7.002+/- cw-only. 10.118+/- and 14.060+/- if time permits, possible on Piz Blaisun, unlikely on Piz Kesch.

Please spot me if possible!

Any contests on either day?

Now off to the sleeping bag;)

73 de Martin, DK3IT

Hi Martin,

“It’s not a contest” but the biggest AR event in the US, the ARRL Field Day is this weekend so you might get some nice DX contacts (especially if the propagation and SFI stay as they are) but unfortuntely you probably WILL get a lot of QRM on the bands - especially 20m.

73 & good luck Ed.

we are now on the hut - kesch hb/gr-012 looks doable for tomorrow . maybe 1 hr earlier than alert. 73 martin

hi all, i am back safe and sound. both activations were a success! more details to follow.

strange thing: reversebeacon reported a wrong freq (7.0158), while I was steadily calling CQ on 7.0304 MHz. Thus, the RBNhole spot also indicated the wrong freq.

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The activation report for Piz Kesch is now online at