Saturday on Scafell Pile

A brief note to apologise for moving off LD-001 on Saturday without working all the usual regulars on 2m ssb.
I had to close down prematurely due to my granddaughter’s feet freezing up in the cool conditions.
It was a great circular walk in from Seathwaite, via Taylorgill force and the Corridor Route, returning via Esk Hause, Grains Gill, and Stockly Bridge.
Most enjoyable, but rather surprised by the volume of snow. Was very pleased to have my mini crampons with me. I think winter has arrived.
73, and thanks to all who called me.

No apology necessary Frank, whereas there might have been had you insisted on lingering longer up there!

I have done that same circuit, and it is a great walk. I have usually done it on nice summer days though, not sure I would relish the Pike in winter conditions.


In reply to G3RMD:

Good decision Frank,as we always say the Mountain will be there another day.

and I agree with Tom,no apology needed ( The Activator is always in charge)

Sorry I missed you, you went QRT just a couple of mins before I searched for you on 310. would have been a unique S2S from SP-002

Hope to catch you again soon



In reply to G3RMD:

Sorry I missed you, I had my hands full chasing WOTA on FM (since my usual SSB rig has Mic trouble) on Saturday.

I’m sure the Pike will wait for you to come back by which time I might stand a chance of having SSB back up & running.


In reply to 2E0XSD:
Hi all,
I rather compounded the problem by alerting 144.320 as my working frequency, and having to qsy to 144.310, due to local QRN. The reason my companion’s feet were freezing up was because she was using her fell running shoes. Not really conducive to lingering on hill tops, and not recommended for deep snow!
Lot to be said for my winter boots and woolly socks. It took me nearly 6 hours to do the circular walk (including operating time). They had done it, a couple of days earlier in three and a half hours! I wish I was young—and fit!

In reply to G3RMD:
Well done Frank. It’s not everbody who would go up there at this time of year and curtailing had to be the right course of action. 6 hours including the activation sounds quick enough, 3.5 is really going some but now that I have heard about some of your family’s other exploits, nothing surprises me!

I should have done LD1 by now and that slag heap Skiddaw too. Regrets!

73, John.