Saturday in swabian-alps

Hi friends,
at saturday i´m free of work and xyl :wink: so i plan to stay a day in the swabian-albs to walk and activate summits on the route.i don´t want to use spotlite so often,because of problems with accu from gsm.must buy a new one next all activations will start on 10.118-cw,then 7.032-cw,then 7.115 and if to much qrm i call plus/minus 7.068,then 3.558-cw and maybe after a few last calls on 7032 please help me if you work me and spot it if there is no spot on sotawatch… thank you.hope to work many chasers…so cu at saturday.will spotlite every start of activations abt. 30min before.on all summits i will use 20m-longwire with groundradials and power of 5 watts…
at saturday i will activate only one summit in the black-forest.the last activation with my ft-817.after this activation on sunday i make a little break in sota till i finish my new sota-trx and build the antennas for HB0.

73 Klaus DF2GN

In June i plan a little expedition on the "black-forest high-route.Same tour as last year.will activate 15 to 20 summits in my two weeks of holidays from 8 to 25.Juni…look for first plans on sotawatch/june