Sat 5th Dec VE2/OU-001 Activation de VA3SIE/VE2/PM


I plan to activate the summit of Mont Ste Marie in the Outaouais region of Quebec.

I will try this pedestrian mobile - I will be walking around in the activation zone at the summit.

I have written about my preparations here:

I will update my twitter status (in the bar on the right of the above page) on the morning of the 5th.

I hope the weather forecast remains no rain or snow because that is a requirement for me doing pedestrian mobile!

I can be tracked on also:

73 and look forward to working some SOTA chasers on Saturday!

Vive SOTA!
73 de Martin, VA3SIE.

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Martin, do you if there’s other /PM on the air tomorrow? I’ll be /PM from a neaby trail.

GL OM 72


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Hi Martin…I’ll be listening for you from my home QTH Sat. morning. First winter blizzard started here in AB land now! If I hear you on 20M CW I may try and contact you…this would be my FIRST CW QSO!!! Please be gentle…I’ll be very slow and may ask for repeats!!!


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J.P. I hope we can make a /PM <-> /PM contact that would be lots of fun! I recommend checking Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos to find other pedestrian mobile stations.

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I will be listening out for you, Mike! Don’t worry about the CW, go as slow as you like :slight_smile: We can keep the exchange simple :slight_smile: The /PM setup has less gain than a full-sized 1/2-wave with elevated radials, so I’m hoping for the best :slight_smile:


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TNX Martin…I’ll pray to the Radio Gods for a sunspot!! 73 Mike VA6FUN

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I do not think i will be able to make this one, there is a slight possiblity though i can nip up The Cloud and activate it /PM. Sean M0GIA

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In some countries (like OH) you can control your home station remotely with a mobile phone for example and use it to make a QSO. This kind of “portable mobile” does not need large antennas like in the case of real /PM that is popular in NA. The antenna size is why I am reluctant to go in this direction. It is not really “covert” operation any more as far as I can see. Good luck for the activation tomorrow.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

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Hi, Jaakko.

Generally speaking, I agree that Pedestrian mobile (with an HF antenna on your back) is not very well suited to SOTA, any contacts made outside of the summit activation zone while hiking up or down from the summit would not count for chasers, the gain of the antenna is limited because the antenna has to be small and light.

But it is great fun :slight_smile:

I never heard of remote controlling an HF station with a cell phone, intereating stuff!

  • Martin.

In reply to F5VGL:
Your right about the size of the aerial on your back especially on 20m and lower. The real fun will be when 10m is open worldwide and a smaller aerial is used, of course its all about the fun factor.

Setting up and walking around the summit /PM is still techincally pedestrian mobile just as it is with a 2m handheld but then who calls /PM when using a 2m handheld on summit?

Does not look like i am able to make this activation but good luck to those who will be /PM. Sean M0GIA