Santa will do some SOTA!

I have met Santa Claus (OH9SCL) several times while hiking and skiing here in Lapland. Last time we met, I was activating one remote summit in oh/sl - area He was checking his reindeers and stopped for a chat and listened me operating. Santa knows cw and knew all you chasers by name!

As you all knew, Santa lives here in Lapland Korvatunturi – Wikipedia

This morning I had a letter waiting when I came home from a hike and Santa asked me to meet him next Friday to do “some Sota radio thing”. Dunno yet where we go but I am waiting to hear some jingle bells early in the morning.

Chk this out most operations will be non -sota and I will spot sota- operations myself.

73 Elf Marko OH9XX


If you meet Santa please send him greetings from one of his elves!
Sorin / YO2MSB / YP2XMAS