Sandwich activation log at Mt San Cristobal EA2/NV-119 by EA2IF/P on 03/10/2015

The rock climbing training season started today for my 2 daughters at the rocodrom in Berrioplano, a small village close to Pamplona, so it’s started for me the season of Saturday morning express activations of Mt. San Cristobal.

Since we had rain on Friday, I was fearing a rainy saturday but, fortunately, we have got a wonderful sunny day.
The hike was perfect and it took me the usual 35 minutes throught the direct steep track I always take. The start must be at nearly 450m a.s.l. and the summit is around 900m a.s.l.
I brought my dual band Baofeng handheld and the FT-817 + AT and the 20m band mobile whip with one single wire radial.
I started the activation on 2m FM, logged 3 QSOs, one of which was a S2S with Alberto EA2DCA/P from EA2/VI-003, then I started CQing on 20m CW where I logged 12 QSOs, 2 of which were S2S from LA and other DL2DXA/P from a GMA summit DA/SX-224.
At 09h59 utc I was running out of time and I went QRT on 20m, but then I heard my friend Juan Carlos EA2EEB calling on 2m FM from SOTA EA1/LR-012, so I QSYed and worked him.
Two more stations ended into my 2m FM log before I finally went QRT and descended to pick up my daughters at the training place.
When I sat in my shack to type the paper log into Alain’s great SAISIE SOTA program and upload it into the SOTA database, I realised that my log looked like a sandwich with:
On TOP 3 QSOs on 2m FM, one of which was S2S
In the middle 12 QSOs on 20m CW
At the bottom 3 QSOs on 2m FM, one of which was S2S

This is the complete log:

Thank you very much again for all your calls dear chasers.
It was nice to be back to the Saturdays routine after the summer break.
Best 73 de Guru

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