Sandpiper 23cm 19 el Yagi

Comments from anyone with experience of this please. Have had difficulties this evening re construction and testing. Not very happy. At least I have my handy double-quad to fall back on! 73, Rob MW0DNK, Anglesey North Wales.

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I had a problem with a dual band mobile that would not tune. I rang and spoke to someone who explained the setup procedure in more detail than the sheet of instructions. I did what he said and it all went perfectly. It was a good antenna after that.

So my advice would be to ring up and explain the problems and I’m sure they’ll be able to advise you on what to do. Based on performance of their products in the past and how they dealt with my problem via phone, I’d have no issue with buying from them again.



The one I have had for around 15 years (so may be different to yours) has been cleaned and repaired at least twice! both times due to wet ingress into the plastic box into which the folded dipole driven element is fitted.

I have had no problem with the rest of the Elements and fitting of those to the boom.

Stewart G0LGS

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Thanks for the quick replies! I’ll speak to the company tomorrow and listen to their advice. It took positively ages for me to carefully assemble the antenna, which on testing is next to unusable. I’m not happy with the alignment of the elements and expected better fixings and tolerances at 1.2 GHz. There could be a major mix up of elements, I suspect - but even then, it’s difficult to get them all to sit neatly on the boom even if they are in the right order.

I really feel that these units should be advertised as kits, because that’s what they are. There is no way that what you’re buying has been assembled and tested in full before shipment. Again, at 1.2 GHz this should be a professional machined, engineered solution rather than high-end home-brew.

Thanks again for you quick and helpful responses! Rob.

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Update: Problem resolved by re-arranging the supplied elements, throwing one away and chopping another. As soon as I was given the dimensions by the manufacturer I knew what needed doing. I look forward to tracking you all down on 23cm in the near future!

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Nice to work you on Bodafon earlier .
Thanks for taking the time to call me on 2m FM.
Look forward to many more contacts.
I’m afraid i don’t have anything for 23 cms .
Saith- Tri

Congratulations Aled on getting your Full licence.

Jimmy 2E0EYP

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Treat yourself to an Alinco DJ-G7! 5W on 2m and 70cm, 1W on 23cm. You know it makes sense! Hwyl, Rob.

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I had similar problems with the 2m Delta Quad - the instructions were pretty dire. I had to phone them and also get advice from others on here to sort it out. Glad you got yours sorted in the end though.


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Thanks for the post, 73. Rob.