Same Summit?

Now I may have it all wrong again, so will someone check, please.

EA1/SG-001 : Penalara, 2428M, 40deg 51min 4sec N and 3deg 57min 16sec E
EA4/MD-001 : Penalara, 2428M, 40deg 50min 59sec N and 3deg 57min 21sec E

Look the same Spanish summit to me, having looked at the Google map, but I was wrong last time I posted anything.

Regards, Dave, G6DTN

They look like the same to me !

I suggest:

EA4/MD-010 and EA1/SG-005
EA4/MD-005 and EA1/SG-004
EA4/MD-006 and EA4/MD-009
EA4/MD-039, EA1-SG/007 and EA4/MD-014

are same too.

I am not going to look any further, but seems some sorting out is required.

Stewart G0LGS

In reply to G0LGS:

There are number of duplicated summits on borders in the database. They are slowly being removed by the AMs concerned. i.e. an EA1<>EA4 duplicate is best resolved by the EA1 and EA4 AMs deciding whether it stays as EA1 or EA4. When they reach an agreement the list updated.

If you find one you should milk the points opportunity whilst it exists :wink: