Saisie SOTA update V13.4

Hi friends,

Your Saisie SOTA program will be updated at the next launch.
The new version is 13.4
Some improvements when analyzing your log.

In case of problem, the full version is here:

Best 73
Alain F6ENO

Hello Alain
Thanks for the update and your job.
Best 73 UFT
André f5ukl

What does this program do? Log editor?
Doug W1DMH

Hi Alain F6ENO,

Thank you for your work on developing the software! I’m using it since my first SOTA. It is lovely and make the job easier.

Sérgio - CS7AFM

Hi Doug
Yes, this program is a specialized log for SOTA.
It allows activators to quickly enter their QSOs upon returning from an expedition; It is also used by chasers.
You may have a look here:

and here for activators:

73 Alain F6ENO

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Bonjour Alain,
It didn’t update automatically when I launched the program on my laptop, so I have just installed the full version, but I have clicked on the update SOTA REFERENCE button and this is what I’ve got.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks and 73,


Hello Guru and Simon

I fixed the bugs; now the new update (V13.5) should work when loading the SOTA REFERENCE file and when using the VHF grid

73 Alain F6ENO

Dear Alain,
Automatic update to V13.5 has just happened and I’ve got this error message when typing the summit reference W3/PW-039.

Incorrect file name.
What file is it talking about?

Thank you.



Upon trying to downlod Saisie SOTA, Windows defender indicates a malaware . Impossible for me to try this program. :sweat:

Hi friends

It seems that our web host has a virus problem attack.
In order to avoid problems, I removed all Saisie SOTA update and full install.

Let’s wait for them fixing the bug.

73 Alain F6ENO

Hello Alain

I am still using Saisie for fast log file creation for input to the SOTA database in csv. I have also tried using the ADIF file produced by Saisie for importing into Logger32. The file imports without problem, and it includes my SOTA ref and his SOTA ref (for S2S). However, there is no DXCC Country number included in the ADIF line for the station worked, so all log entries show “Not accepted for DXCC” once I import them into Logger 32. I would therefore need to edit each log entry line with the ADIF tag for each country if I wanted to show the correct DXCC country information.

Do you have any plans to include the DXCC Country tag within the software so that when the ADIF file is produced and imported this information is automatically added? This is not so important to me but it would be nice to have. …I continue to use Saisie for its main primary purpose of providing the csv file needed for the SOTA database as quickly possible, a great time saver on returning home making the task less onerous.

Thanking you again for your work…

73 Phil

Thanks for the info, Alain.
In the mean time, I’ll keep working with the V13.0, which I have installed separately and works fine for me.


Hello Alain,
Happy Birthday
SAISIE_SOTA…bug: i have (HAD*) the same problem with the country missing.
Previous version was OK.

*I just realise it is OK Now! countries are included.

Gerald F6HBI

I think it is your birthday Alain - I bet you are at a party! Many happy returns.

Thanks for info Gerald that the country numbers are back. I believed that they used to be there and dissapeared sometime. Certainly at V13.0 they are not there.

Do you Gerald or anyone reading this have a link to the V13.5 download so that I can install it and try it out? The auto update does not work for me…

73 Phil

Just to confirm when I looked back to a 2015 Saisie SOTA derived ADIF file the ADIF DXCC Tag is present. This would have been a version before V13:

Here is part of a logged line from a QSO with G0RQL to prove:


The DXCC:3223 tag is for England.

73 Phil

Hi Alain

Is there a way to swap RSTR and RSTS ?

like in the Help window:

All logbooks I know start with the Sent RST followed by Received RST.

73 de Dominik, HB9CZF

Hi Phil,
Alain, just removed the file to install Saisie Sota because of the virus attack.
It will be back soon (as Alain said).
Sorry, I have not kept the install file.
73 and cu tomorrow from Summit, Gerald

Thanks for info - tomorrow I hve no chance of working you as I have go to Bradford on business (150 Km away) and it is early morning start - shame.

Looking forward to updating the invaluable Saisie SOTA Program once the possible virus situation is resolved.

73 Phil

Everything is OK here, Saisie Sota downloaded and running.
I have used it on my last few Sota logs, saves a lot of time !
Very appreciated. :relaxed:

Thanks Alain.


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