SAISIE_SOTA new update

Hi fiends,
A new version V14.10.2.0 is on line.
Some bugs fixed (thanks F6HBI and F8GHE)
Automatic update when you launch your version; in case of problem, here is the full version:

Have fun
73 Alain F6ENO


Thank you Alain. I am still using your FB software and appreciate your continued interest in providing it for us SOTAists. I also still use your ADI2SOTA - I am currently using V7.2 dated 10/03/2015. Not sure if this is the latest version of that software, but it works for me.

73 de Phil

Hi Phil,
Glad to see you’re still active inSOTA; for ADI2SOTA: there will be no new update because Saisie_SOTA does the same work.
See you soon from a summit,
73 QRO Alain F6ENO

Merci Alain pour la mise à jour que je vais faire de ce pas !
Au plaisir de t’entendre sur l’air.
73 QRO

Thank you, Alain, for the new update of the SAISIE SOTA program, which I still keep using daily for my SOTA chaser and activator logs.
There are a few minor bugs or improvements I wanted to write you about quite long ago and I have been postponing for one reason or other. Procrastination: my fault!
You may prefer that I write you about that privately, but I’ll do it here for now and you will tell me what you prefer me to do for the future.
Problem 1:

  • Missing data when opening an existing .csv file. Example:
    I have created this chasing log with 3 ficticious QSOs and I have saved the file as EA2IF_chase_191031.

    After having saved the file, I Quit the program.
    Then, I reopen the program again, open the recently saved file EA2IF_chase_191031.csv and this is what I get:

    As you can see, the data in the columns Operador, Mi Locator, RST E, RST R and Distancia are all gone! :frowning:
    However, if I open the recently saved file EA2IF_chase_191031.adi, I get all the data as it was originally introduced. Nothing is missing :slight_smile:

I’m still using Windows XP Professional and so I’ll keep doing for as long as I can.
Let me know if you need any more info from my side.
Also if you want me to write about other possible bugs or proposals for improvements openly here or via PM or email.
Thank you again and 73,


Hi Guru

I confirm :slight_smile: but it’s not a bug because SOTADATA don’t need your locator and reports !

I think you dont need anymore the .CSV files, now you can submit your log directly on the new
Maybe your logging software only save as .CSV file …
73 Éric F5JKK

Hello Guru
Thanks for your post and your question;
Answer: the csv file created by the program meets the requirements of the database; as you can see, the header is:

Signature,Call (activator),Full Reference (activator),Date,Time,Band,Mode,Call (chaser),Full Reference (chaser),“Comments”

As Eric F5JKK wrote, the new sotabase accepts the ADIF format; so, can you check if when exporting the log in ADIF format, then close the program and import the ADIF file again, the fields which are missing in CSV are present?
We can work both on this problem (and others) directly via my email box (See

I don’t want to change the CSV structure because it can be used by the GMA database.

73 Alain F6ENO

Hi Guru, Tom and may be some others,

You had a problem when trying to enter a QSO with WA7JTM in SAISIE_SOTA.
Yes it was a bug !
SAISIE SOTA uses the file “summitslits.csv” froom the SOTA database to extract some summits data,
such as: the summit name, longitude, latitude, and so on…
In this file, all fields should be separated by a comma (this is why CSV means “Comma Separated Values”)
But, unfortunatly, we find more commas than expected in some records…
EA1/AT-003,Spain - North West,Asturias,“Párdida, Torre de la”,2582,8471,-4.8379,43.2005,-4.8379,43.2005,10,3,01/11/2010,31/12/2099,0,
Here the summit name is “Párdida, Torre de la” and we found a comma inside the name; that’s why the text is in quotes.

Sometimes, the summit has no name,
Example 2:
W7A/MN-119,USA - Arizona,“Maricopa County, North”,2448,746,2448,-112.1042,33.8081,-112.1042,33.8081,2,3,01/12/2012,31/12/2099,6,21/01/2018,K7JFD,

Here we can see that there is a comma inside the summit region, followed by ‘2448’ which should be the summit name !
It’s seems not very important for a human, but you know that a computer is not a human…
And when it is expecting a word for a summit name and it finds a number instead, it is a problem for the machine…

Here was the bug ! so I had to modify the program so it can read all fields in summitslists.csv without problem.

The new version is in test at Guru’s shack… and when he will give his “green light”, I’ll put it on line.

73 Alain F6ENO

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Thanks for the progress update Alain, we will await further news!

73 Phil G4OBK

Dear friends,
Thanks to Guru’s work, EA2IF, we have been able to make some improvements to SAISIE_SOTA.
The last version is V15.0.0.0
Automatic update as usual, and if necessary full install at:

Enjoy mountains !
73 Alain F6ENO


Bonjour, hello
Thanks Alain for this new update.
So i fell like i MUST go on SOTA tomorrow for testing!!!
73 from Gerald F6HBI