Saddle Peak, Montana! Summits On The Air! SotaBeams Band Hopper II Set up With Mast.

Thanks to everybody who chased!


Get some large diameter heat shrink that is wide enough to go over the bottom section of your mast and shrink it to cover the entire lowest section. I have some which is 40mm in diameter. It will provide brilliant protection for when you bury the pole in cairns and rock piles. It’s saved my poles from significant damage from the very sharp and abrasive lava type rocks.


Stellar idea! I dont have any head shrink on hand but I do have plenty of duct tape… time to git er done.

Here’s another option that I’ve used. Rustoleum Truck bed coating spray. Usually available at Ace or the other box stores.

Quinton NU7Y

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Also a great idea! Looking forward to grabbing one of the SOTA Beams carbon fiber mast when they go back in stock.