Sad story;

Not sota, but just been sent this web site From G0UQY Preston, who i talk to many a night on the repeaters,
This is a web site dedicated to his son Jack, the gentleman is a radio amateur G0UQY from down south,
Please leave a posting on the comments if you will,


But to be taken away a such a young age does’nt justify, LIFE.
My thought and prayers are with the family at this sad time.

Steven m0sgb

My Name is Preston and my Amateur Callsign is G0UQY

You have received this email because you are a good Amateur friend of mine or someone who knows me has forwarded it on to you. Please read below

Those who know me personally will remember last year my grandson Jack was born on 23rd July but only lived until 25th September. A year on I wanted to do something to remember his short life also celebrate the fact that we had the pleasure of knowing little Jack even it was only for 9 weeks. So I came up with the Idea after being sent many chain e-mails that I could put this to good use by sending this email to 10 of my best amateur Friends and asking them to make a small donation to the Oliver Fisher Special Care Baby Trust. Also forward this email to 10 of their best amateur friends for them to also make a donation. Remember you will not get bad or good luck if you don’t but you will help other little babies like Jack

All I am asking is £1 or $1 of you local currency
This email only to be forwarded between 23rd July 2007 to 25th September 2007
To Amateurs all around the world
The unit is named after Dr Oliver Fisher, who only had two incubators in the corner of a ward at The All Saints Hospital in Chatham. The paediatric consultant desperately wanted a facility for sick and premature babies, and his wish finally became reality in 1983 when the special care centre was established at the hospital, later transferring to its present site at Medway Maritime Hospital, in Gillingham. Many Babies’ went on to benefit from the unit. Vital funds for future generations to come will be necessary for these units to provide a high level of specialist care for very ill babies. More than 3,000 babies have benefited from its expertise, with many born at less than 24 weeks going on to live perfectly normal lives

Unfortunately Jack was not one of the baby’s that made it but it would be nice even if he is not with us to raise money for the unit in Jacks Name. The unit tried so hard for him. They were so kind and compassionate and I hope the Memory of jack’s life can raise much needed funds for the unit.
I will match all donations to a maximum of £50 and you can e-mail me at to see how much has been raised

This is not a con or scam you can look up my call sign on
If you feel you can’t donate or don’t give to charities please light a candle at jacks memorial site this is free and you can read his full story and lighting a candle will help Romana greatly to know people have read his story

(link below)