SA2ME on the tour

They will be arriving to the touriststation on Monday afternoon, maybee they try to do some calls from the deep walley below Tarfala research stn and mount Kebnekaise.(SM/NB-001) There is abt 18 Km walking and climbing, the last pathway is on snow and ice. Hopefully they reach the peak on Tuesday morning. Operating abt 36 hrs or as long they can stand out regarding to weather conds.(Batterys)
FQ= 3555, 3742, 7032,5, 7158, 14055, 142?? depending on silent fq.
Equipment IC703+ batt 2x12v 7,2A, Dipoles. Hopefully they can use solarpanel as well.
They also ask for QRS on CW "we are beginners on cw"
Last report was from Renträsk,17/7 abt. 12.00 ut, they are heading to Kiruna for next stop.

/PB#220 SM5MEK Janne

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They are now in attac camp tourist stn. Resting until Monday at lunch and expecting to reach the peak at Tuseday morning. Weather forecast not too good, says rain and temp abt 2c, snow later in the week. (brrrrrr)

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Seartinly something will make troubble, rain, rain and after that more rain and thunderstorm, heavy one. Sunday weather on the station was wet, the folks and gear wet, all and everything wet. The air inside station wet from all wet gear and people. They said, wet Sunday. Hopefully there will not be som much rain on Monday. Forecast for Tuseday sais snow! and temp arround zero celsius. Nice for an polarbear but flat footed humans noooooway. They still trying to go on Monday afternoon and be on air early Tusday morning. Let see how long they stand out.
PB#220 SM5MEK Janne