S57D/P SOTA activations

Here are some links of my recent SOTA activation reports.The reports are written in slovene language, but there are a lot of pictures :-)))





Thank you for all the QSOs we made. Special thanks goes to my “regular customers”: EI7CC, GW0DSP, G4ELZ, …

My working conditions: rig Icom IC-703, 10W output, ant. home made dipole for 14MHz.

Best 73,

Milos, S57D

Here is the new link of today`s activation of Smledniški hrib S5/CP-035, 517m a.s.l. The operating post was in the middle of the ruins of the mediaeval castle. In less than one hour I made 39 QSOs with 16 different DXCC countries.


73, Milos S57D

In reply to S57D:
Hello Milos
congratulation for your activations and beautiful pictures
hope to copy you again on the band
best regards to you and family
73’s qro
f5nep Lionel

In reply to F5NEP:
Hello Lionel, I am very happy we made a QSO and I hope to meet you again on the frequency in the future. QSL card for you is written and I will send it via bureau. You have very nice picture on qrz.com! I checked your blog and saw some other nice pictures of you and your radio shack.

73, Milos S57D

In reply to S57D:
Thanks dear Milos, y hope also to copy you again.
The last year y have made some activities in the Alps here the bond of the photographs:

In fews days y pu thome other pictures on my blog
73’s QRO

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Here is the link with pictures of my latest SOTA activation: 1508m high Vivodnik, S5/KS-028. Thank you for the QSOs. Special thanks goes to my regular logged stations: F5NEP, G0TRB, GW4BWE, EI7CC, ON4ON, ON6DSL and many others.


73, Milos S57D

Today`s activation of 1216m high Kum, S5/BI-001. Many thanks to G1INK/P for S2S QSO!


73, Milos S57D

Activation in the middle of an old fortifications on 1562m high Blegoš mountain, S5/CP-003.


73, Milos S57D

S57OPZ/P and S57D/P activation of 1028m high Slavnik mountain, SOTA reference S5/BR-012:


73, Milos S57D

Activations of S5/TK-020 Bevkov vrh, S5/CP-016 Škofje, S5/CP-021 Kucelj:


73, Milos S57D

New activations:


73, Milos S57D

Activations of Veliki Sneznik (1796m), S5/BR-001 and Velika Slivnica (1114m), S5/RG-009


and Altemaver (1679m), S5/CP-001 and Crni vrh (1486m), S5/CP-036


73, Milos S57D

Activations of Vrhovcev gric (1048m), S5/CP-010 and Sivka (1008m), S5/TK-022


and Polhograjska gora (824m), S5/CP-024 and Tosc (1021m), S5/CP-013


73, Milos S57D

Activation of Debela pec, S5/JA-029, 2014m (6607ft) a.s.l. This was first solo activation of my wife Sabina, S57BNX and her first “10”. Debela pec is the mountain in Julian Alps. As you may not know, Sabina is a blind person, so this achievement is much greater than for a normal sighting person. I admire her courage and dedication to SOTA.


73, Milos S57D

Activation of Trdinov vrh (1178m a.s.l.), S5/RG-006


and Pugled (615m a.s.l.), S5/BI-048


73, Milos S57D

In reply to S57D:

Quote; “Activation of Trdinov vrh (1178m a.s.l.), S5/RG-006”

Hi Milos,

It appears to me that pronunciation of the names of Slovenian hills is as difficult as the gaelic names on Scottish and Welsh hils.

Any chance of a guide how to pronounce some of the names?


Barry GM4TOE

In reply to GM4TOE:

Any chance of a guide how to pronounce some of the names?


Barry GM4TOE

Huh, that would be quite difficult. Trdinov vrh means Trdina`s peak.

73, Milos S57D

VHF activation of Mokrec (1059m a.s.l.), S5/RG-016


73, Milos S57D

In reply to S57D:
Hallo Milos,
thanks für the 2x40m qso from DM/SA-050 and DM/SA-031. We had good wx. Nice reports from your activation.
73 Matthias DL1JMS

In reply to DL1JMS:
Hello Matthias.

Thank you for the summit QSOs and I hope to meet you on the frequency many times in the future.

73, Milos S57D