S5 SOTA Winter Activity Days

SOTA Slovenia Winter Activity Days
well be 4/5/6/7/8. february 2012


73 de S58R - Rado

In this part of Europe, the weather every day more strongly (cold, windy …).
They did not “blame” the upcoming “Winter activity weekend SOTA Slovenia”…HI.
In any event, the weather will affect the activities of S5 activators.

73 de S58R - Rado

In reply to S58R:
Too much weather? Come to San Francisco Bay, where we had 2 days of rain in the last 70 days. Daytime 18 degrees C, night 10 C. No snow on the summits, which was supposed to be our water supply for the summer. I think it’s global warming, nes pas? Make it stop. Pray for rain.

  1. Elliott, K6ILM

In reply to K6ILM:

Lucky for you, Elliott.
I have no choice other than to consolation with us saying:
It is true that it would be nice in heaven but in hell is a better company…HI

73 de S58R - Rado