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S5/PK-007 Basalisce


thank you all for contact me on 20m. All contacts made with 1 watt and vertical.
It is wonderfull hill with a lot of ants. Next time I hope to make more contacts on
80m,so listen on 80 too HI.


In reply to S52FT:
Thanks for the QSO. Amazing that you worked with just 1 watt!

In reply to SM1TDE:
Difference betwen 1 and 5 watss on S-meter is almost none…but current consumption is
much higher. Hope you heare me in a future from beautiful S5 sota summits.


HI sota om;s,

Please check some new photos from recent activation of S5/Pk-007. Beautiful ridge walk.
Also some new pic from PK-041.


73 de s52ft, BostJan