S2S without activation?

My XYL is an avid hiker, and next week I will join her as she leads a group from the local hiking club. They will be hiking to a summit I activated two weeks ago, so I can’t activate this summit again until 2021. However, if I bring the radio(s), can I make valid summit-to-summit contacts even though I am not activating the summit that day?

This seems like an obvious question, but I couldn’t find an answer when searching the Reflector. Apologies if I missed something. Thanks!
Scott WB8ICQ

Yes you can activate it - you just won’t get any points.

Hi Scott,

You can just do an activation. It is not forbidden. :smiley:

Just no activation points for you this year again. But chasers will also be happy to work you, too.
It was discussed just recently. You just log it as an activation and claim your S2S in the log.

73, Joe