S2S with valid QSO

Last week, I was in F/PE region and could activate some summits there.
Very pleased to make some S2S contacts with
Walter DK1BN/P
Istvan HA5TI/P
Bernd DL2DXA/P
Feri HA7UL/P
I don’t have internet connexion on summits, only my telephone with which I can send selfspots.

Back home, I’m uploading my QSOs in SOTA data base, and find that 2 summits are not valid:
DM/NW-034 and DM/SX-069
The message is:
“The summit was not valid SOTA summit on the the date of your contact” (a little bug in the sentence, twice ‘the’)

I suppose that these summits were valid some months ago and are now off the data base.

At home, I know if it is a valid summit, lookind to SOTAwatch spots, but, on a summit, it is not possible for me
(unless having a big phone, always on line… not for me…)

Activators know that a S2S is not easy. Often, you have to call a long time before beeing heard by the other activator.
And if these contacts are not valid QSO, you can understand that it is very frustating.

Avoiding DM summits is a solution, but I think it is not THE solution…

Best 73

Alain F6ENO

In reply to F6ENO:
Hi Alain ! Many thanks for S2S contact , i had spent a nice day outside on mountain Triebenberg DM/SX-069 . I made more than 120 contacts from there . But - unfortunately counts this summit no longer for SOTA . It is a summit like some hundred others here in germany , which are no summits in the rules of SOTA . I do not understand it ! And many other german activators could it no understand ! But we have fun with small radio , some wires in the trees and we are outside in thenature or on mountains and do amateur - radio .
With SOTA or without SOTA . Here in saxony we have an old tradidion : we are active in the Saxon Mountain- Championship for more than 25 years . It is a ideal combination between amateur- radio , the family and walking outside
Sorry again , that our contact NOT COUNT for SOTA
73 de Bernd DL2DXA

In reply to F6ENO:

Avoiding DM summits is a solution, but I think it is not THE


in this case don’t forget to avoid DL/XX summits, too :wink:
Lost many beautiful mountains (not humps) and will continue to visit them - alongside SOTA activations.

I appreciate some well known SOTA chasers like Roy answer GMA calls even if they do not participate in the scheme.

Hopefully things will resolve eventually.



In reply to DF9TS:
Hi, Gerd, I’ll work any /P station with a reference number that I hear, SOTA, WOTA, GMA, whatever (even IOTA!) It’s a pity that often the GMA activations are quite weak but I hope the sunspots will return and fix that!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to DL2DXA:
Bernd, it’s always a pleasure to hear your call, either on a summit or not.

In reply to DF9TS:
Of course Gerd, like other activators, I will not avoid DM or DL summits !
What I tryied to say in my bad English was:
when we are on a summit (not at home or on a football pitch) we don’t have much time to call a /P station in the aim to get a valid S2S QSO. I tryed 10 or 15 min to reach one S2S QSO, so I was disappointed when, one week later, I saw it was not a valid SOTA summit.

Best 73
Alain F6ENO

In reply to F6ENO:

The way that I look at the situation Alain is that a contact is a contact. An S2S between activators in different schemes is no different to each one working a fixed station. Okay it can be disappointing to find out later that the contact cannot be entered as an S2S for SOTA chaser points, but it does not bother me. Then I suppose for me chasing is only a secondary interest - I am first and foremost an activator.

I did work Kurt DL8DZV/P on DM/SX-223 on Saturday when I was QRV on GW/NW-029 and Kurt sent “SOTA DM/SX-223”. Maybe this is the solution. The activators you worked could have sent “GMA DM/NW-034” and “GMA DM/SX-069”, then you would have known and not been disappointed later when you got home.

73, Gerald

In reply to G4OIG:

Okay it can be
disappointing to find out later that the contact cannot be entered as
an S2S for SOTA chaser points,

It may perhaps count for the Summitsbase S2S award?