S2S with Andrew VK1AD, Australia to California

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Hi Paul,

Nice to see it done the hard way, using a mic.



Nice one Paul, I don’t know how many times people told me how my Buddipole is completely inadequate for SOTA :slight_smile: - congratulations…



Thanks and I’ve had a lot of good experiences with my Buddipole including DX. For example the week before during the EU-NA Sota event I nabbed 3 EU stations albeit non SOTA.


Well done Paul, I would say experiment successful, so when will the VK-NA or NA-VK, if you prefer, S2S event be?

Are the NA operators willing to activate in Winter or is waiting for Spring a better/safer idea?

73 Ed.

Same here Paul… many DX with my BP.


Congrats Paul, especially with multiband QSOs. What’s special about “WhatsApp”? You said on your blog that “This is the first summit to summit contact between North America and Australia”, I didn’t know that it hadn’t been done before. Very nice.

I’m up for Winter activations. Spring is good too. anyone know what’s best from a propagation point-of-view? Time of day? I’m on the NA East coast.

[deleted incorrect memory of previous cw contacts]

Even more impressive given the current sunspot levels.

VK1DA/VK2UH (one of the many other Andrews)

Congratulations to you and @VK1AD on the SSB NA-VK S2S.

[quote=“W6PNG, post:4, topic:14249”]good experiences with my Buddipole including DX[/quote]I suspect that has a lot to do with your using it “in full length dipole configuration”. Too often they’re used with a loading-coil of some sort, and those seem to soak up the power…

Well done
KX0R is the operator I have worked the most from a summit in usa but I don’t claim my end as portable or s2s just from my home station. So its possible with right band conditions.

Hi Andrew

Check VK3WAM’s activations. He wasn’t in VK he was visiting North America.

Andrew VK1AD

You are right. I missed that detail! Forgot he had some activations over there. My Apologies!

So your S2S was indeed a first. Even more Congratulations are in order.

My shout at our next dinner!


So that means there has only been a VK-NA S2S on the “hard mode” SSB so far and not the easier CW mode? Only “stirring-it” guys. The next challenge will be VK to middle or even Eastern USA S2S on ANY mode! Or of course WA(Western Australia) to CA(California).

Well done Paul, Well done Andrew.

73 Ed (still CW-skill-less)

Many congratulations Paul and Andrew. An excellent achievement indeed - as Mike says, done the hard way. This must be extra special for you both. :grinning: I was pleased enough to work Kevin AC2KL on SSB in the NA-EU event.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Awesome. Next is trying QRP. :slight_smile:

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fwiw, in April '14, I was chased by VK2DAG at 1323Z on 20M cw while running 3W from my KX1 on a summit in NY. But realize that 1323Z was 11:23PM local in VK2, 6 hours after his sunset. Yikes, so much for that being a template for s2s NY-VK :slight_smile:

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Thanks and it does feel pretty good!


That’s awesome. Can’t wait until I learn CW. My first 2, and only Australian contacts, were 10 watts ssb from the Oregon coast using 31 ft speaker wire and 9:1 unun.

Roland KG7FOP


Spring might draw a larger crowd given that snow is appealing to some but not all and hopefully spring will see a thaw in some areas making peaks accessible.