S2S VK-NA possibility: 13 Jan 1900 UTC

I am planning to be at Mt Ginini vk1/ac-008 next weekend 13/14/15 Jan. I will be there for a VHF field day contest and expect to set up on the afternoon of the 13th, then be QRV at least for HF SOTA in the period from about 1900-2100 post dawn period when conditions might be good for a contact.

Knowing the interest in making s2s or even chaser contacts to VK, I will aim to be actively listening and calling on whatever band seems to have activity. If all goes to plan I will be able to listen and call during the period 1900-2100 UTC on both 13 Jan UTC and 14Jan UTC. That’s 6am to 8am local time. Rig will be an IC703 with 250 hz cw filter available. Sunrise locally is about 1900 UTC this week.

I will also aim to operate in the VK-EU Long path period approaching our sunset at 2000 local time or 0900 UTC. And whatever happens in between. JAs on 15m etc.

10w output power will be the default for any dx attempts. I operate from a tent for the vhf event. Rig is IC703 or IC706 for a shorter period and slightly higher power. Battery limited. Antennas will be a variety of proven dx antennas.

Interested in knowing of any possible NA activations around that time this coming weekend.

73 Andrew VK1DA VK2UH

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I am also planning to activate a summit for the same contest, probably Mt Bindo VK2/CT-003. Operation would be Sat 14 Jan from 0100 to 2200 UTC on HF and VHF. Power out is 15W and contacts with JA, EU and NA will be most welcome as well as 6m and 2m locals.

73, Gerard - VK2IO

We’ll at least work each other, hopefully on vhf bands as well as hf.

Andrew, can you do 20m SSB on 13 Jan? There’s chance I can play radio and get on a summit.


If you can operate on 40m SSB to an omni directional antenna - there’s a “chance” of Short Path back to Europe at the time as well. Please make sure to listen for weak stations - not just VK/ZL please.

73 Ed.

Good luck Andrew and Gerard, I hope you both have a good response from NA chasers during Saturday and Sunday.

73 Andrew VK1AD


I will be on a summit on Jan 14th from 1600 to 2100 or so…not a real high peak, but a 2 or 4 pointer here near Phoenix Arizona. Running 5 watts…however… I have about 40 watts I can switch on if needed on any band that is open (or not), and a Link Dipole aimed ur way (as best u can aim a dipole).

I prefer cw, but I will check SSB as best I can without a way to see the spots. I should be spotted on CW, so u may be able to find me that way.



Yes, the ic703 is a multimode radio. Can do CW and SSB. suggested freq 14.320 +/- qrm. I should be able to self spot.


sounds about as good as it can be. I may be on air by 1800 but 1900 is much more likely. Let’s see.



Are u an SSB or CW op?

maybe both…?




Great…that sounds good to me!

C U Sunday 1900-2100 ish…


just in case of confusion, I’m talking Friday and Saturday 1900 UTC, my Saturday and Sunday mornings.

I believe those times correspond to Friday and Saturday around midday on the west coast of the USA, or 1500 local time in the east.

73 Andrew vk1da/2uh

Great. I’ll be operating from 1900 UTC tomorrow until the sun sets, which is about 21:45 UTC. 14.320 ± will work. I’ll also be able to self-spot.

I’m on the mountain but a gale has gone through and it’s raining convincingly. Have not set up anything yet. Will hope the weather eases overnight. Currently 10pm and the car is being rocked around by wind gusts. The car is a Toyota FJ Cruiser which takes some moving. We will see how things are in the morning.

Quite frustrating.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

QSL, windy here just before dawn. If the weather doesn’t cooperate today, there’s always another day

I cancelled for the day. There were high winds at the start of the hike in, figured the summit wasn’t any better so I turned back.

All ok. Too windy yet to get the tent up and until that’s feasible none of my antennas will survive.

Tomorrow is another day.

73 Andrew vk1da/vk2uh

Right decision! Good luck tomorrow.

73 Ed.

I’ll be on G/TW-002 tomorrow about 0930 UTC with a newcomer to SOTA. We’ll try to get on 20m CW and SSB, but winds forecast between 20-35mph… We’ll look out for you Andrew VK1DA.