S2S via Satellite JA/GF-155<>JA/GM-080

Hello to all,

Today, I operated at JA/GF-155, and succeeded in S2S via FM bird AO-91 with Hiro, JG0AWE.
Maybe this is the first S2S via satellite in JA! :smiley:

My equipments as follows:
TRX: IC-910D (a little heavy for SOTA activate…hihi)
ANT: Arrow 146/437-10BP (3el/7el)

Today’s achievement:
CAS-4B 11QSOs (all CW)
AO-92 3QSOs
AO-91 10QSOs
SO-50 6QSOs (including 1 overseas)

Top of JA/GF-155, Mt. Tashiro (a.s.l. 819.8m)

Today’s my shack



Well done Taka! admirable activation!!


fantastic that is amazing! I have not managed to make even one sat contact. I did track one bird but was two old blokes having a real chat so broke off.

Congrats again.


Hi Taka!

Congratulations for this achievement!!!
I suppose that so many sat contacts via three “Birds” from a SOTA summit must be the first time worldwide.
My respect for the whole result!

73 de Christos.