S2S sandwich at Mt San Cristobal - EA2/NV-119 by EA2IF/P on 24/01/2015

Weekly activations of Mt. San Cristobal are great to keep myself and my dog Lucho fit.
Today’s ascent to Mt. SanCristobal was done while monitoring my heart beat rate through a wrist pulsometer I have owned for long and haven’t been using much lately.
I took the usual steep direct path from the village of Berrio-Zahar to the summit.
The begining put my heart beat rate soon at about 145-150 bpm.
As I continued the ascent at a steady good pace the heart beat rised to 150-155 bpm until more or less half of the ascent. About 16 minutes time.
The second half of the ascent is steeper and I monitored my heart beat rate rising up to 160-165 for about 20 minutes and a maximum peak of 167 bpm.
The last 3-4 minutes of the ascent were covered with snow and so it was the summit.
As soon as I switched my FT-470 HH on, I copied Iratxe - EA2DNO/P on 145.525-FM activating EA2/BI-010, so my very first was a Sota to Sota call to her.
We completed the S2S QSO, exchanged greetings, comments, 73s and I QSYed up to 145.550 to call CQ SOTA.
5 local friends from Pamplona came back to my call.
When no more calls came to me, I QSYed back to 145.525 and Alberto - EA2DCA/P was activating now EA2/BI-010. I called him and we completed the second S2S QSO of the day and my last QSO of today’s activation.
I started with S2S and finished with S2S on the same summit. That’s why I say it was a S2S sandwich today for me from EA2/NV-119.
This is today’s log:

Thanks to all my chaser friends and also Iratxe+Alberto for your S2S.
On my descent, which was done, as usual, as fast as I can, according to the steep and sometimes muddy path conditions, my heart beat rate was at about 145 bpm.
Ascent plus descent total time was 1 hour, not counting the 15m aprox in the summit doing SOTA activation.
My wrist pulsometer sais I burnt 752 Kcal and 37 g of fat.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF