S2S S2S or /P /P /P means summit-to-summit

Here in the states, SOTA CW operators usually send “S2S S2S” to break the pileup when calling another summit. On Thursday at 1650Z, I had just worked summit-to-summit with KX6I (CA) and KX0R (CO) on 21 MHz when I heard “/P /P /P” in response to my CQ ??!! But I remember that “P P P” is an EU summit calling !!
It was a thrill to work s2s with Stavros, SV2RUJ/p, for a 7,700 mile DX QRP summit-to-summit. He was followed by a handful of EU chasers (EA, CT, HB9) during a brief band opening. I was running QRP 5 watts to 40M EFHW inverted-7 up 17 feet.

Hopefully the radio gods will keep smiling on us for more trans-Atlantic s2s in the weeks and months ahead. Chasers – please standby when you hear a “S2S S2S” or “/P /P /P” calling me. Edit 2023-0901
Stay well & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV


In Europe, /p is common to get into a pile up for a S2S. The called activator comes back with /p ?
73 Chris and congrats on the DX S2S


I always send my call in SSB or CW modes. In phone, I add “summit to summit”. In CW, the activator comes back with “/P?”, and in phone “the summit to summit please”. 5 watts seems enough to cut through like this too.

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I find it annoying when stations just send ‘/p’ on CW. I’d prefer a full call sign. Adding the /p generally makes the call longer so I often just catch the ‘/p’, but I regularly catch enough of the call sign to recognise it or at least enough to query a specific call.

I’m sorry, but if a station repeatedly calls ‘/p’ I tend to just ignore it. S2S isn’t really part of my game, but I will give priority to working portable stations callling in.

73, Colin


I make over 95% of my SOTA QSOs as an activator… most of them in CW.

In Phonie, the “Summit to Summit” has prevailed. That is also a clear announcement: SOTA or GMA

In CW, at least in Europe, /p has prevailed. It is short and can sometimes be sent into a gap. It has a recognizable rhythm. This rhythm also makes it possible to identify a weak station in relation to the other strong chasers.

As an activator, I really appreciate that.

Of course, a station calling /p can also be something other than a SOTA-relevant S2S. (WWFF; POTA; GMA; … or just /p) … but usually they are QRP stations… and I would have preferred them anyway :wink:

73 Armin


Congratulations Mike and Stavros.
What a feeling to hear the DX reaching us on our little wires!
Thanks for our S2S and chasing QSOs.
73, David N6AN


I know a guy who often or almost always end up shouting “QRP! QRP!!!” instead of giving his callsign when it is crystal clear second side didn’t catch his call. Unbelievably annoying and similarly dysfunctional (or ambiguous) like shouting /P.

Well done Mike on working Stavros… indeed it takes 2 to tango, so well done Stavros as well! It’s great to see the bands are working, though with quite a lot of solar activity of late it has been rather a hit and miss affair. I’m just hoping things settle down in time for the next Trans-Atlantic S2S event on Saturday 4th November. A few T/A contacts before then would be great.

73, Gerald

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Marked my calendar NOVEMBER 4TH Trans-Atlantic s2s Event. 73!


Good point Armin. I often chase QRP with MM7MWL/P (always just 5w on CW) although this is regularly from somewhere outdoors other than a SOTA summit. Should I perhaps just drop the /P to avoid confusing the activator into thinking I’m offering a S2S?
(Incidentally, my first CW activation has yet to come. It’s getting closer…)
73 Mike


Hi Mike

This has been discussed here a few times already.

My opinion:

According to the feeling, the chasers are currently becoming a little less reserved… The QRM by chasers is also increasing again. But there are also a few new call signs to be heard, which first have to learn how to behave socially.

As a QRP station, you are usually much quieter and less noticeable to the activator. Mariusz @SP9AMH liked to call out “QRP” a while ago. (but he has such a good operating technique and is also heard without this call if the conditions are right) As an activator (if you want to) you have to develop an ear for it in order to perceive such calls. I always try to pay attention. But with chasers with large antennas and maybe even a PA, this tends to get lost.

Of course I’m also a little disappointed at first when the /p call doesn’t come from a SOTA activator. But that’s okay again! (Also with the call: summit to summit)
Many SOTA activists are also active in other programs: WWFF, POTA, GMA,… and are happy about such calls. It’s up to me - because I only do SOTA.

So my recommendation is: If you are in a program and activate something, then call /p … if you should just sit in the garden with your QRP device… then just call “QRP” to get attention close. I would prefer to take your turn.
As a rule, we are also QRP stations on the summits… and a QSO QRP to QRP is still something special for me!

73 Armin