S2S qso AND normal activation

Hello everybody,
I have a question concerning the scores for my very first activation: I have made 4 qso, here’s my log

DH2PP, 23/03/2019, 10:54, DL/BG-049, 144MHz, FM, OE5SLE, S2S OE/SB-016
DH2PP, 23/03/2019, 10:56, DL/BG-049, 144MHz, FM, OE5FSL,
DH2PP, 23/03/2019, 11:03, DL/BG-049, 144MHz, FM, OE2EZM,
DH2PP, 23/03/2019, 11:08, DL/BG-049, 144MHz, FM, OE5MBP, S2S OE/SB-016

So what am I supposed to submit? One normal Activation or / and S2S qso (if so, one or two of the latter)?
I tried to find this case in the rules, but I couldn’t.

Thanks, 73, DH2PP Peter

Submit Log; Submit activator entry; enter 4 QSOs - that will give you your activator point(s)


Submit log; Submit chaser entry; enter S2S details (as a chaser first then select S2S option at bottom to enter your summit details); when you’ve entered the first one select add another to enter the second. - this will give you points in both the chaser and S2S categories.

It’s easier to do than to explain! Good luck

Thank you, so I get scores for only one S2S qso. The other one just for the record. Got it :slight_smile:

Hi Peter,
You get the 10 activator + 3 winter bonus points for your DL/BG-049 summit activation PLUS 10 points that are added to your S2S and Chaser point totals for the first of the two contacts with OE/SB-016.

If that was your first activation, I’d say you did very well indeed on the points front!

73 Ed DD5LP.

P.S. as you have realised when entering the data manually through the website you have to do the activator and the repeat the entry for the combined chaser/S2S data separately however when you have a lot more contacts to enter, you should look at one of the free SOTA PC based logging programs which creates a csv file which when uploaded to the database, takes care of both actions in one upload.

In this case yes Peter. You would be entering the 2nd S2S purely for the sake of completeness (it might also be nice for OE5MBP to see that you acknowledged your QSO).

PS to expand on Ed’s comments above if you fill in both your activation and S2S logs on the database you will get:
13 activator points (incl winter bonus)
10 chaser points (nothing for 2nd S2S)
20 S2S points (nothing for 2nd S2S)

As Ed says, a pretty good first activation. Well done and welcome! Hope to work you sometime

I would have thought 10 S2S points not 20 ?


S2S contacts are scored at your summit + worked summit.

(but limited to one score per year for your summit, and one per day for worked summit, same as usual activator and chaser scoring).

Database says 20 for Peter’s S2S log.

Thanks Andy, Tom has cleared this up now - both ends count in S2S but your end only once in year - which is why I have been seeing only the contacted summits points as I often activate from a summit I have been on before.

Sorry for my confusion Peter -
I’ll say it again - all-in-all a very impressive first activation!

73 Ed.