S2S on same Summit

Hello all,
I don’t get rules clear for this topic:
A friend and I do a joint activation. He has it’s own Equipment, Callsign etc. and we are activating seperately.

If the both of us do a QSO together and exchange Reports and Summit info, does this QSO qualify for S2S and Complete?
I learned it does not count as a activation QSO.


Mark, HB9DBM

Hello Mark,
There’s no way to get a S2S contact with each other for 2 activators activating jointly on a single summit.
You can only chase the summit by moving yourself down and out of the AZ while your mate remains activating inside the AZ. Then doing reverse, your mate going down out of the AZ while you are activating inside the AZ.
But that’s all you can do. No S2S between you two in that summit is possible.



In section 3.8 of the general rules:

  1. An Activator may claim Chaser points for QSOs made with Activators on other Summits
    during his Expedition.

So you can’t claim chaser points for a contact with someone on the same summit.