S2S from summit already activated

There are a few local summits within 30 minutes of my QTH. If I have already activated them, but then work as a chaser from those summits for activators on other summits am I still eligible for S2S points?

For Example, I’ve activated W4G/CE-001 and CE-002. I head out to 001 and cop a squat on the summit and work an activator on 002. I know I don’t get activator points for 001 again, but do I get the S2S points even though I’ve activated both?

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Yes S2S contacts are on a day cycle, like chaser contacts, not a yearly cycle like activation points.

73 Ed.

But you only get the S2S activator points once per year.

Really? I’d better change the code and get Andrew to change his code as well. :wink:

If I activate from my local summit several times in the year.

Only on the first visit do I get the activator points but if in later activations I make S2S contacts - I get S2S and chaser points for those contacts.

Or are we saying that should I work the same other summit on a different day from my favorite local summit - I wont get S2S points for it ??

i.e. they have to be different S2S summits at the other end for me to get S2S points?

If that’s the case, I hadn’t realised it - perhaps I have been lucky and the S2S stations I have worked have always been on different summits, but I didn’t think so.


I activate the same local summit many times a year to mainly get S2S chaser points. In looking at my database, total S2S points are “S2S Chaser points” plus “S2S Activator points”. I don’t get the S2S activator points but I do get the S2S Chaser points…so my total S2S points goes up and I’m a happy activator ;-).

73, Brad

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Your statement is incomplete, Ed. S2S points are a combination of 2 values, the points from your summit (S2S activation points) and the points from the chased summit (S2S chaser points). The S2S activator component is once per activated summit per calendar year and the S2S chaser component is once per chased summit per calendar day.

What do the rules say Richard? And if they don’t explain it then we probably need to fix them so they do.

Are these “S2S” chaser points the same as chaser points and go into my chaser total or do they also increase my S2S total?


The answer is both no and yes.

No: S2S chaser points go into S2S total with the S2S activation points (see your S2S log where the 2 components are displayed along with the total). They are scored separately from chaser QSOs.

Yes: An S2S QSO is a special kind of chaser QSO. In a normal chaser QSO, the database doesn’t know or care where the chaser is located but it does know where the activator is because you tell the database. For and S2S QSO, you tell the database where the activator is, then you tell it where you are. It fills in the S2S bits (see above) then enters a chaser QSO in your SEPARATE chaser log. The database is clever enough to know if you have already logged the chase or if you log the chase later how to score everything.

This logging of both the S2S and chase parts in separate parts of your overall log explains why you cannot delete the chaser part of an S2S QSO from the chaser display. If you do you get a red warning message telling you the QSO is an S2S QSO and you need to delete it from the S2S display. It knows that if you have logged both the chase and S2S that you can delete the pure chase.

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I found nothing in…

General Rules PDF
Activator Guide

At that point I felt I had done my due diligence and decided to post. Posting a question like this is NOT my first option as a general rule.

Thanks for doing that, if the data isn’t easily found after looking in a few places then it means we (the SOTA management) need to fix something… that’s another job on the list.


The rules for S2S are at https://sota-shop.co.uk/wp/summit-to-summit-awards/. They are pretty clear with examples. They are linked to from the General Rules document. So I would suggest making them easier to find.


Yes - could we get this text put into the general rules document please?

I had only ever thought of there being 1 S2S scoring system - what is called here the Chaser S2S scoring system. Which can be repeated on a daily basis - hence my original answer. From the various responses that I read in this thread it is clear to me that I’m not the only one who didn’t fully understand the S2S scoring complexities.

The text located in the awards shop is well written, we just need it to be in a more obvious (to me at least) location.

73 Ed.

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Following this discussion all the information on Awards will be moved to somewhere more obvious and the shop linked to them - just waiting for the time to do it (got back from vacation and I have an enormous number of Award & merchandise orders :frowning: )

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