S2S - Can activator also claim the points?


I read the rules and my first interpretation is that in a S2S, the person that call me (the chaser) is the one that can claim an S2S contact, not me. Do I read this right? Iā€™m asking because someone told me otherwise and I want some other point of view :smile:


My point of view is that in a S2S QSO both parties are chaser and activator at the same time, so both can claim for the chase and the S2S QSO.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

Hi Steve,

Guru is correct, if you work another activator on another summit during your activation then you can claim the activator points for your summit & the chaser points for the other summit.

I think your confusion has arisen because to claim S2S points in the database you need to enter the QSO as a Chaser QSO rather than an Activator QSO.

It would be better if someone with more experience of entering S2S contacts into the database answered your question as I am still coming to terms with being able to bounce radio signals off the Ionosphere Hi!

Thanks & best 73,

Mark G0VOF

No. You can claim S2S points as well as activator points. You need to enter the S2S QSOs again to claim the S2S points. If you enter your logs by the CSV upload method you can prepare one file that contains your activator QSOs, S2S QSOs and chasing QSOs, but you need to enter it twice. Or you manually enter your activation QSOs then the S2S QSOs.

The reason for having to do it twice is how the original database was structured. Being naturally lazy, I wrote the minimum of code to support S2S awards based on what we had already.

Great!!! Thx for yours answers OMs! 73 and see you on a summit!