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S.O.T.A. Fun Evening

Remember these? I think it was Paul G4MD’s idea originally, and several of us would go out and do an hour or so from our local easy SOTA summit in the summer. With it being on a Tuesday, I then discovered the RSGB VHF activity contests, and so “Tuesday Night Is SOTA Night” (© G3CWI) became an all-year pursuit for me.

Anyway, probably a bit short notice now, but if anyone fancies rekindling those days, I (and probably only I) will be QRV from a summit on 70cm SSB this evening.

The propagation on 432MHz can only be an improvement to that recently on 50MHz / 28MHz…

Rather you than me, Tom, its been drizzling all day here! I will turn the beam your way early in the event and see if your signals penetrate our saturated trees.


I had planned to do GM/WS-003 or something else close to the works QTH this evening but there are too many “must do” jobs to be done in the evenings this week. A pity since it is sunny and calm here this evening.

I did activate GM/CS-050 during the 70cm UKAC evening last month in similar weather.

Perhaps if the weather is suitable I will get out some evening next week. Evenings that coincide with UKACs are good but evenings that have good weather are more important.


Hmmm, I think that is a decent idea Tom. I might just have a go from Bardon Hill G/CE-004 one evening… diary note inserted for 11th August.

73, Gerald G8CXK

11th of August seems a good idea, I will pencil it in and find a local summit that I have not activated already.

70cm SSB would be fun, plus it’s lightweight and has high gain with relatively small antennas!

Could also use 2m FM to escape from the contests.

73 all

Matt G8XYJ

Sounds good. Might give it a shot a local Walton Hill - team activation could add extra fun and more bands / modes …

I did active a summit in EA5 last week quite late - I was up there until 1am local time. 17m in great shape and open until quite late - worked W3, JA & YN QRP.

73 Angel

We have two potential SOTA Fun Evenings this week.

Tonight (Tuesday 8th May) is a 70cm band focus, with FM between 1800 and 1900 (7-8pm BST) and SSB (mainly) thereafter.

Thursday 10th May is the 6m night, and Sp.E might now be coming into play for the season. Again the first hour is FM only, then SSB/CW from 1900 to 2130z (8-10.30pm local BST).

There were two qualifying SOTA activations participating last week. Dare we hope for 3+ tonight?

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Is the activity on Thursday horizontally polarised (in the SSB part of the activity)? It’s actually illegal to run vertical polarisation on either 6m or 4m here in Germany - has to be horizontal.

73 Ed.

There are no restrictions in the main UKAC re polarisation. I, and the vast majority of everyone else will be H-pol. In the FM hour receding, I’ll be V-pol, due to a very silly rule this year!

Tuesday 8th May 2018 - The Cloud G/SP-015

This time I tried the SOTAbeams MFD for the 70cm FM aspect of the evening, as I knew that other prominent activators use this antenna effectively on 433MHz - plus Jimmy checked out that the VSWR was OK on our Bank Holiday Monday activation. Performance overall was very similar to using the SOTAbeams SB270 with only the 70cm driven element attached, mounted for vertical polarisation - so I’ll probably revert to that next month to save on the amount of equipment carried.

For the main UKAC, I used the SB270 set up as a 6 element beam for 70cm, mounted horizontally.

Overall, I made 79 QSOs, all on 70cm. 20 on FM, and 59 on SSB. QSB was a problem all evening, and my squares count was a bit dismal.

DXCCs: 4 - G, GW, GD, GI.
QRAs: 13 - IO64, 74, 81, 82, 83, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, JO00, 01.

So as a VHF contest effort, a tad disappointing. As a 70cm SOTA activation - pretty good!