Ryan Peak / Relay Ridge Activation and Endurance Contest

I have done a this 21 mile, 4100’ vertical, mountain bike loop before, but not carrying radio gear. The extra weight and the extra age made me wish I had an eBike :slight_smile: You can drive a 4WD high centered vehicle to the top of Ryan Peak, but to do the loop, you need a mountain bike or motorcycle.

I can see Ryan Peak aka Relay ridge (because of all the antennas up there) from my backyard and it always looks enticing, especially on a hot day - there’s still some snow up there.

This time the ride kicked my butt. I ran out of energy and enthusiasm about 1 hour before the ride ended. The final hour I was dreaming of a Coke and big bag of chips.

The activation was lovely though. Clear day, 10-15 mph wind, and around 70 degrees. I found a Forest Service trail marker to hold up my mast. I use a Sotabeams dipole and it’s always easier to set up, and more stable, if I can attach the mast to a tree stump or small tree…or trail marker.

I never bring a strap for this; I just pull the nylon belt off hiking my pants and use that. It has worked well for 3 of my 8 activations.

I learned on my 3rd activation to bring long pants if I’m biking. On that activation, I had to do about 2 miles of bushwhacking and my legs got scratched up pretty good.

Today I wore the hiking pants over my bike sorts to protect me from mosquitoes and flies.

I managed to make 16 CW QSOs and one very strong SSB S2S QSO from southern California.


Glad you made it ! I’d have passed out after a few minutes on that
bike! You had a great signal from there!
John, K6YK

Thanks John. Glad you were there. I got you down for 4 CW SOTA QSOs and 1 SSB SOTA QSO. Thanks for checking in :slight_smile: Tomorrow’s a rest day.

Ride on Pat. Happy to get you agn. Nice pics!