Thanks to all who contributed to my Rucksack-Antenna test today. And thanks for picking me out of the noise.
Because of the surrounding trees the radiation conditions were not very good and because the antenna is only 1.7m long there is a difference of about 3 S-units to my endfed halfwave vertical.
It is a prototype. The whip is telescopic and I am using a loading coil at the bottom. There are three radial wires somehow packed into the rucksack as a kind of counterpoise. SWR is shown as about 2:1 and is tuned by the KX3 antennatuner.
I transmitted with the rucksack positioned as you can see it in the picture. The antenna did a good job for 19 QSOs.
The antenna is thought for activations in high altitude during the winter period. It takes only two minutes to get on the air.

I love SOTA. It also offers a large field for experimenting.

Hope to hear you again soon.

vy 73

Peter, OE5AUL

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Yes was big difference in antennas
one coming in about 4/4 and the other booming in at 5/8
and also noted the bigger volume of your audio too on 20m

PS thanks for another sota contact


Hello Peter,

Thanks for the contact and you already have my comments so no need to repeat them.

I think it might be a good idea to repeat the antenna experiment a few more times because 20M (to my ears in the SE UK) was not in great shape today. Next time we could do a tone test which may help.

Thanks for the photo - it looks brrrrrrrrrrr :wink:

Night night