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I have been trying to get an RSS feed from SOTAwatch for the Firefox ticker. So far I have been unable to do this - it does work from other sites. Any tips?



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I have done it here.

Install Firefox RSS ticker

If you already have the ticker installed right click the ticker bar at the bottom of the screen unless of course you have the set the ticker somewhere else such as the top.

Select options

In options select feeds

Then add feeds and add SOTAwatch RSS 2.0 Feed and the URL as Summits on the Air

You may want to alter the update frequency under the advanced tab to 1 minute and set the scroll speed to a comfortable one to read I find 12 is okay.


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Thanks Steve. I am fine with the standard instructions. However, my Tickers does not seem to work with Sotawatch while it works fine with other feeds.



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Have you used capitalised R and F in the URL?

I found it worked with some Tickers but not others. The one I am using from Firefox Add Ins is simply called RSS Ticker

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I had ticker disabled Ric - just turned it back on and SOTA RSS is not working :frowning:
It used to !
Firefox and RSS ticker.

Roger G4OWG

Its just displayed GX0OOO’s spot after running for 20 mins :slight_smile: